Maxence Cyrin: Novö Piano

Recently heard this guy for the first time… He does solo piano versions of awesome songs. Since I couldn’t decide on one, have a listen …


Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (2010)

Someone recently turned me on to this… awesome in the cutest of ways. Directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp.


You should have seen me that night…

I was on fire.


Skelton Key.

Well, a new year, and I’m still terrible at updating.. But I did start a screenprinting course, which is rather exciting. A certain someone recently told …


Wisdom Teeth (2010)

Blockquote: Nigel gives in to his friend’s innocent request. Definitely not for the faint of heart… and yet, hilarious. But still unsettling. You have been warned. Happy Holidays! “Wisdom …


Around The World



Lots going on in the background. Just finished redesigning the main menu on the left there. It was a huge pain but well worth it …


Calvin & Asshole.

I first saw ‘Christ, what an asshole’ a couple of months ago. Then I found a Calvin & Hobbes book under my bed last night. This …




Gah. How time flies.

OK, here we go again.



I was asked the other day why I draw so many aliens. I had no idea what to reply.


Mystic sock monkey.




All tapes have been erased.

A couple of more sketches.


Keep It Going Louder

Absolute madness. Music by Major Lazer. Directed by Eric Wareheim.


Massive Attack – Paradise Circus

One of the standout tracks from Heligoland, Massive Attack’s first album in seven years. The sparse instrumentation perfectly complements Hope Sandoval’s moody vocals. Sexy as hell. Massive …


Planet Rockies


Planet Amstel


And Then Nothing

I’ve been making lots of polar panoramas lately. They’re actually pretty easy to make (see here or here for instructions) and you can get some …