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Mindsploitation (2013)

That External World short I posted the other day reminded me that Vernon Chatman (of Wonder Showzen infamy) has a book coming out about “the hundreds of websites throughout the globe offering to carry out the tough tasks that many Americans will not do.
If that sounds boring, consider that he had part in creating one of the weirdest most out there films ever, Final Flesh, by outsourcing all of the acting and directing to porn-for-hire companies over the internet (or, as they put it: “Genuine smutmakers were paid to earnestly interpret these sexxless spiritual wizard droppings and more…“).

Looking forward to this book, it should be pretty special.


There are hundreds of online companies that will do your homework for you — at a price. But will they write ANY essay you request? Only the WORST of these horrible companies were employed in the composition of Mindsploitation. A GREAT DEAL of money was wasted ACROSS THE GLOBE to commission what may be the dumbest collection of ridiculous assignments in HUMAN HISTORY.
What does it say about our society that we can buy a quick custom eulogy for our grandmother, or pay to have a love poem for a mistress prepared by a stranger at the click of a button? How entitled is a culture that keeps these services afloat? Mindsploitation uses such questions as a launching pad for wildly entertaining comedic exchanges. The 50 assignments in this book hilariously explore self-help, spirituality, family, health, diet, pop culture, love, and more.

Introduction by Louis CK.

File under: Self Harm / Romance / Anatomical Cuisine

Mindsploitation: Asinine Assignments for Online Homework Cheating Industry (Pre-Order)

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