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A Moment You Can’t Escape, the show.

Summer’s here and… wait, has it really been almost a whole year??? That is unbelieveable!! Well, at least it’s not been all in vain: I’ve been diligently (and semi-secretly) working on putting together a show for the last couple of months. It’s called “A Moment You Can’t Escape” and it’ll feature works from my first forays into digital 10 years ago (now that right there makes me feel really, really old), until now, more or less.

Thanks to a fine fellow named Pipo, my artwork will be available for you to gawk at with your own peepers from the 20th of June 20th until the 20th of July at his tattoo studio/brand new art space. The reception will be taking place on June 19th from 7-10pm, 178 Baldwin Street, in the heart of Kensington Market. Now you should now that The Big Selling Point of the show is that almost everything will be printed on metal. Yup, shiny, durable, wonderful, head-banging METAL. And not only that, but it will be floating metal. Which will float off your wall like some sort of magical futuristic thing. Really it’s a sight to behold. No, really. Could I even make that up??
If you like I’ve made a public Facebook event here because even if they’re selling all our personal data like it’s going out of style, they can at least help out.

So come on by, there’ll be floating metal artwork galore, as well as other ridiculous things to buy your friends/enemies/loved ones/yourself, including stickers, greeting and postcards, magnets, tins, and maybe even mugs, if they ever arrive. Plus, since I’m such a nice guy, and also really don’t want to take all these metal prints home after the show’s done (you should see my room right now… it’s goddamned ridiculous) everything will be on mega sale for One Night Only!

So, in conclusion, art show! June 19th! 178 Baldwin St.! 7-10pm! Tell your friends!

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