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Think We’re Defeating The Nature Of Nature.

So I started learning Drupal and WordPress to try to port the site but screw that.. What a pain in the ass just for a few extra bells and whistles! Maybe eventually I’ll give it another go, but no comments or forums for the time being. Ha.

In other news, my screenprinting course went really, really well… My final project was an adaptation of a recent false idol, and I decided to do a 3-colour print using gold, silver, and black paint.

Here’s the original concept:

And the final print:

The gold and silver halo turned out quite well (if I do say so myself):

All in all it was a great class and I would definitely take it again… It’s a shame it couldn’t be a bit longer, but I plan on taking a follow up course that will allow me to rent there..
Anyone in Toronto looking to learn screenprinting, or get more experience with it, should check out Open Studio at Spadina and Richmond. And since we’re plugging good stuff, I should mention that Geneviève Jodouin was my instructor and she’s pretty awesome… Plus her art is also great, and she has an Etsy store! You should totally go check her stuff out!

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