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Vampire Weekend: Contra

I’m not gonna say too much about Vampire Weekend’s new album except that you should give it a few listens before you decide on it. Sure there’s a couple of real stinkers (California English, Cousins) and one ‘meh’ song (Holiday) but everything else is gold. Gold, I tells ya! Take Taxi Cab, an absolute gem of a song. It’s calm, understated, and unmistakably them, all without rehashing their debut. It’s so refreshing to hear something that isn’t trying to be catchy or clever or cute. It is just itself, and you can’t help loving it for that.

Vampire Weekend – Taxi Cab


How Cousins is the lead single for Contra I’ll never know.. talk about selling the album short! This song, on the other hand, is easily one of the best things they have ever done. It is pure pop perfection and saying much more is wasting your time. Just hit play.. you can thank me later.

Vampire Weekend – Diplomat’s Son


File under: Endlessly Upbeat / New York Preppy / Catchy As Shit

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